ITellect worked for the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to perform a broad range of program/project activities that supported the implementation and sustainment of Department of Defense Information Systems Network (DoDIN) Infrastructure, Enterprise Services and the strategic, operational and financial goals.

ITellect analyzed and documented strategic recommendations for the organization. This included analysis of DoD, DISA, other government, and industry strategic plans and trends to recommend mid- and long-range goals and objectives for the organization through the development of technical evolution plans.

We also analyzed and documented strategic acquisition approaches for the organization. ITellect performed and coordinated acquisition planning and life cycle activities that supported the execution of contract procurement goals and objectives.

ITellect provided technical management support for IT technologies, net-centric engineering strategies and independent assessments of technical approaches being implemented by the center. We also supported the development and maintenance of a suite of tools and applications that supported the governance and information management of center-level processes.

Our company supported the development of various types of communications documents (e.g., presentations/briefs) in support of communicating key messages to DISA organizations, DISA Leadership, DISA Mission Partners, as well as other agencies/industry groups/organizations external to DISA. ITellect provided SME support to identify and develop the required content, layout and presentation method commensurate with the target audience for these communications.